• Alvina Amoako

There is a Solution

In Genesis 21, we are introduced to a biblical narrative about how God kept his promise to Abraham and Sarah by giving them a son. According to God's covenant with Abraham, they named their promised son, Isaac, and he was circumcised on the eighth day. Sarah saw that Ishmael mocked Isaac, and this pained her, so she confronted Abraham to drive Hagar and Ishmael from their home

The emphasis of this article is based on Genesis 21:14-19. The writer has given us a synopsis of how Hagar and Ishmael were driven away from the home of Abraham and Sarah. In the wilderness of Beersheba, Hagar and Ishamel faced a very difficult situation. The water given to them by Abraham had run out, and Hagar thought her son would die of thirst. But we serve a God who specializes in impossible situations, and he will not let the boy die of thirst. Unknown to Harga, there was a well of water right where she was, but she did not see until God opened her eyes. Unfortunately, Hagar was unaware of the solution to her problem. Hagar's focus was on the problem instead of the solution. If it wasn't for God coming to their rescue, Ishmael could probably have died of thirst. God in his sovereignty is always merciful.

The problems of life are so real and hard that if you don't take heart, they may lead you to question God's existence. The good thing is that God is always there in every problem or challenge that we face, although God has also not promised us a smooth sail in life. The scripture says that there will be trials and tribulations in this world, but we must take heart because he has overcome the world (John 16:33). Many people find themselves in a similar situation as Hagar, and they focus on the problem instead of the solution. Unfortunately, focusing on the challenges we encounter in life only magnifies them. The good news is that every problem has an expiring date. It is imperative to know that although some problems get resolved with the help of other people and ourselves, there are those that only God can fix.

The problem eating you up and causing you sleepless nights has a solution. Whenever we encounter a problem, we often forget what God has done in the past, doing in the present, and promises to do in the future. We must remember that God, who saw us through previous problems, will see us through any current situation and usher us into our future. We often forget God's divine provisions and promises concerning our problems. Just as Hagar was close to the well, but she did not see it, the same goes for you; the solutions to your problems are close, yet you fail to identify them. You often look at the wrong place for solutions instead of looking up to God. God has a way of coming through for us in desperate and hopeless situations. God may not come when you need him, but He is always on time.

The inability to see the solution to your problems can cause heartache and even result in not having hope and faith in God. Like Hagar, many of us are confused, tired, sad, and blaming and being angry at God for a problem he has already provided a solution to address. How then can we identify solutions to our problems? Ponder on these principles and let them be part of your lifestyle:

1. Call on God and seek him daily concerning your problem. It is written in Jeremiah 33:3 that when you call on God, he will show you great unsearchable things that you do not know. God can download heavenly strategies to solve your problems when you seek him.

2. Divine association: when you call on God, God can connect you with people who don't know you to help in your situation.

3. In your trials, think solution and not the problem. Study the word of God and find scriptures that describe your situation, and pray with them. Trust me, this works, and I have done it countless times, and I am still doing it.

4. Don't be blindsided; open your eyes to the possibilities and solutions. Some problems even come to create opportunities for you.

I pray that this article will bring you clarity in every situation you encounter. I implore you to stay focused on the solution, and God will see you through even when it does not happen when you expect it. Your breakthrough is here. You are blessed. Shalom!

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