• Alvina Amoako

Pursue and Overtake

Updated: Mar 2

I believe we are all familiar with the life of Gideon in the book of Judges 6. When God called Gideon, he was in a deprived state in his life, and he had very low self–esteem. God admonished Gideon to fight for the Israelites with all of his insecurities. The angel of the Lord referred to Gideon as a "mighty hero, the Lord is with you." He also described his family as the "weakest."

Unfortunately, Gideon allowed his struggles to influence his outcome in life, and we can all attest to the fact that we are like Gideon in one way or another. Our circumstances do not define how God sees us. The struggles and problems of life are inevitable, and they will come without warning. Still, we should not be perturbed because God is with us through our struggles, and we always triumph if we do not give up. It is best to infuse and acquaint ourselves with the word of God daily so that when the problems of life come, then we have an assurance that God will give us a breakthrough.

In Judges 8:4, "Gideon and his 300 hundred men, exhausted yet keeping up the pursuit, came to the Jordan and cross it". We can deduce from the narrative that Gideon and his men were exhausted, but that did not cancel the assignment. The writer indicated that they kept the pursuit to overtake their enemies. Despite Gideon's tiredness, his demeanor changed after the angel of the Lord spoke with him, and I believe that is what kept him going because God assured his victory.

In essence, when we take steps to fulfill our God-given assignment, we must remember what God told us initially, which will help propel us down the road when we encounter difficulties. Remembering God's promise serves as a fuel that sustains us in the face of challenges and ultimately ushers us into victory. What God has called us to do will not come on a silver platter, but in spite of that, we have to keep fighting until we see the manifestation of the promise. Remember that you have an advantage going into the fight because we fight from a place of victory through the victory won by Jesus Christ.

How many of us have given up on our God-given vision because of opposition and exhaustion? God has not promised us a smooth sail in life, and as long as we have breath in our nostrils, the problems of life will come. That is why it is imperative to cultivate the lifestyle of prayer and imbibing the word of God into your spirit. As we get ourselves ready daily, we are well prepared to face any problem that comes our way.

It is critical to understand that the assignments that God has given us will not be accomplished without opposition. Still, we must resolve that our responsibility is to pursue and overtake no matter what might be standing between us and our victory.

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