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One of Jesus' greatest miracle is when he walked on water in the narrative of Matthew 14:26-33. Jesus walking on water happened after he fed 5000 people with 5 loaves of bread and two fishes. Jesus send the disciples to go ahead of him after feeding the 5000 people but they encountered a storm. The storm was so boisterous that the disciples were afriad for their lives. As if the storm was not enough, the disciples saw Jesus walking on the water and immediately they said Jesus is a ghost. Because of the disciples being afraid, then Jesus uttered and admonished these words to them: Matthew 14:27, "be of good cheer; it is I be not afraid (KJV)".

In verse 28, Peter beckoned Jesus saying, "Lord if it is thou bid me come unto thee on the water (KJV)". And Jesus told Peter to "come". Peter started walking on water with his eyes focused on Jesus, but as soon as Peter took his eyes off Jesus and saw the storm, he began to sink. Many times we have our focus on the problems instead of Jesus and this causes us to sink.

The chances of us walking on water is very slim but we will go through problems in life and if we focus on it without faith in God to see us through the problems, we will sink and be in despair just like Peter. Focusing on the problem makes it worse and it does not provide any solution. When your eyes are gazed at and focused on Jesus, you tell that problem to dissipate and bow in Jesus. Making faith declarations to your problems gives you a new perspective and a renewed faith in God.

When you read the narrative in Matthew 14:30-31, you can deduce that Peter cried out to Jesus for help when he began to sink and Jesus helped him. It is so unfortunate that we resolve to other mediums in solving our problems instead of reaching out to Jesus and crying for help just like Peter did. I will admonish you not to let your faith wane when you go through life struggles but to stay focused and planted in Jesus. So how then do you keep your focus on Jesus? Let's look at the following principles and acronym of FOCUS:

F = Fixed

O = outcome

C= Cost

U = understanding

S = service

Fixed: your eyes must be fixed and focus on Jesus irrespective of what may be confronting you. The devil is the master of distractions and you must be attentive to his tactics not to lose focus. Make Jesus your top priority and spend time in studying the word, praying, and worshiping.

Outcome: Peter's outcome from walking on the water was that he was going to sink but thank God Jesus intervene. Thus, Peter's life was saved and spared. Every struggle and problem has an outcome so it is imperative to do your due diligence by focusing on Jesus to receive a positive outcome. What you do in your struggles determines your outcome be it positive or negative.

Cost: Jesus intervene when Peter was about to sink. Had it not been for Jesus' intervention probably it would have cost Peter his life. It is sad to say that for many people their problems have cost them to lose valuable things in life and sometimes even death. People have also dab into consulting ungodly things in solving their problems. But consulting what is ungodly opens you up for more problems and attacks from the enemy.

Understanding: you must have a full understanding of your problem and discern the root course of it. Not all problems have come to disrupt you and that is why is imperative to seek God for the root cause. Some problems come your way in preparation for your destiny. I can testify to this because I encountered a series of spiritual problems but it was part of my destiny. God was preparing me for what is ahead and what he will use me to do. Also when you have a full understanding of the problem then you will know how to behave and conduct yourself. Another example is when Joseph's brother sold him into slavery, it was part of his destiny. It was a very painful experience for Joseph but we can all attest to what became of Joseph (read Genesis 37,39,40,41,42,43,44 and 45).

Service: we are all called to be of service in our sphere of influence while here on earth. God has created us for a purpose and we must be of service to humanity. It is sad to say some people died without using their purpose to be of service to humanity. The problem you go through will one day be of service to humanity. You may not see it now because you are going through pain but you will get the understanding of it when you come out of that problem.

In summary, I will admonish you to stay focused on your problems and welcome Jesus into your boat. Just as Jesus entered the boat and the storm ceased, you can be confident that your problems will cease as you welcome or invite Jesus into it.

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