• Alvina Amoako

A.c.t. Now

It is sad to say that many of us have our goals written down but we have not taken the necessary steps to a.c.t. on the goals. For us to be successful and fulfill our destiny, our goals must be a.c.t. on. We are also susceptible to failure if we don't a.c.t. on our goals. Every successful person that you will encounter has goals that they a.c.t.ed on to be where they are.

I so much believe that the time has come for us to a.c.t on our goals. Many of us can use the excuse, I'm waiting on God but God is waiting on you. God cannot bless or promote what you have not started. It is stated in Proverbs 16:9, "commit your plans to God and it will succeed". In the scripture, the "plans" are the goals and you must a.c.t. on it to commit it to God's hands for its fruition and manifestation. Your success will not be on God alone, it will involve you and God corporately to make it happen.

How do you a.c.t. on your goals? Follow the steps and principles below to help you in achieving and manifesting your goals:


A= accountability

C= change

T = time

Accountability: when it comes to achieving your goals, you will need an accountability partner. An accountability partner is someone who holds you responsible or accountable for achieving and acting on your goals. An accountability partner is also there to support and assist you through the difficulties and trials of acting on your goals. To sum it up accountability partner got your back when the road to success gets tough. Because it will get tough, success does not come easy.

Change: is a must and necessary for your goals to come to fruition and manifestation. Some old habits must be avoided for you to a.c.t on your goals. Change of habit may bring discomfort at the beginning but if the new habit is made repeatedly then it becomes a lifestyle. A healthy habit once cultivated or formed is not easily broken. So the question that we must ask ourselves is: what habit must I get rid of in other for me to a.ct. on my goals. In this new era that we are in social media has become addictive. Some people when they first wake up in the morning, they go to their social media to see what is happening before they do anything. Yes I know you can use social media to make money but that does not give you the license to stay on it the whole day without acting on the rest of your goals. It is said that it takes 21 days to form a new habit. You can start your 21 days of forming a new habit after reading this article. I'm rooting for you, you got this. Let's make 2022 a great year and with God on your side it is possible.

Time: it is said that the secret to your success is hidden in your daily routine. Inadvertently, what you do daily with your time is contributing to your success. If you are not where you suppose to be then check how you spend your time daily. You cannot watch television and be on social media all day and expect to be a millionaire. Access and watch what you do with your time daily to get rid of unnecessary stuff that will not contribute to your success.

I pray that this article will motivate and inspire you to a.c.t. on your goals to become what God has destined for you to be. Yes, it is possible. The sky is the limit. You can go high as you want and don't let anything stop you. Until next time, shalom and peace to you.

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