How to set goals?

According to Webster dictionary, a goal is defined as any object of ambition or desire. I will like to pose this question to you reading this article “have you thought about what you will be doing five or ten years? What is your objective or ambition in life? It is said that “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. It imperative for us to set goals because it allows us to take control of our life direction. The number one reason for setting goals is what it becomes of you. Some benefits of goal setting are: it provides direction and focus, and it’s inspirational. Setting goals shape our vision for the long term. Setting goals also help us to overcome short-term obstacles.

Set “SMART” goals; we have all heard of “SMART” goals. The question is do we always apply the rule. Goals are powerful when they are set to be “SMART.” “SMART” stands for:





Time sensitive

Specific: your goals must be succinct. Not too vague but clearly defined goals.

Measurable: your goals must be set with dates so you can celebrate and measure your success.

Attainable: set achievable goals and don’t set goals that are too easy to achieve.

Relevant: your goals should be set in the direction of your God-given purpose.

Time-sensitive: your goals must be set with deadlines. By setting your goals with deadlines helps you to celebrate success.

If you don’t have goals, I will implore you to do so, starting now. Also, remember to celebrate the joy and satisfaction of achieving and setting goals.