Your best is saved for last

John narrates a story of Jesus' first miracle at a wedding in John 2:1-11. A traditional Jewish wedding lasted seven days, an entire week. The bridegroom is expected to provide food and wine for the entire seven days. They performed the wedding in Cana of Galilee. Jesus' mother and disciples were guests at the wedding. It is believed that the bridegroom was related to Jesus judging from the fact that Mary, Jesus' disciples and Jesus were invited. When the wine got to finish, Jesus' mom drew his attention to it. Jesus replied his mom “Dear woman, why do you involve me? My time has not yet come.” It is interesting how Jesus initially refused his mother's request but subsequently responded favorably. For Jesus delay is not denial and He is always on time. Though this was Jesus' first miracle He was not in a hurry to impress anybody. The truth is in God's own time He makes all things beautiful (Ecclesiastes 3:11).

In many cultures addressing your mother as "Dear women" could be a sign of disrespect but in this case Jesus was not by any means disrespecting her mother. The wine running out could be a sign of lack of proper planning or insufficient resources in planning for the wedding.

Jesus later instructed the servants at the wedding to fill the jars with water. He told the servants “now draw some out and take it to the master of the banquet.” The master of the banquet was very surprised how good the wine tasted. He told the bridegroom, “everyone brings out the choice wine first then the cheaper wine after the guests have had too much to drink, but you have saved the best till now.”

Jesus has saved your best for last. The fact that Mary came to Jesus with such a problem is an indication that Jesus cares about our everyday needs. Just as the wine ran out at the wedding feast, so can our wine ran out. Many at times we go through challenges in life that leave as hopeless. But we have to remember that Jesus is there to meet us at the point of our needs. Remember, He turned water into wine. You just have to be patient and wait for your miracle to be manifested. It may look like all hell is breaking loose in your life right now but your time is coming.

Jesus turned water into wine at the wedding, and it was the best. He will turn your problem into a blessing, and it will be your best. Jesus did not make ordinary wine; it was extraordinary. The wine He produced was better than the one they started with from the beginning. The truth is this, Jesus is not going to make our lives ordinary but extraordinary. He will transform us and make our lives better. Jesus has saved the best for last.

Has your wine run out? Just bring your need to Him, and you will never regret you did. Jesus is a way maker.